Turner’s Surplus store has been in business in the Texarkana area for more than 50 years. You may have noticed the F-111A Jet that sits outside of their shop on I-30. What you may not know, is that they have a fantastic Military Museum inside.

I had driven by Turner’s Army Surplus store many times, and never had the chance to stop. With some free time on my hands I stopped in for a few supplies, and was surprised to find an amazing set up of military history. Weapons, Uniforms, Equipment, Life-size displays with mannequins in uniforms of the different branches and more.

What began as a hobby, became a rather large collection, to what is now a full fledged museum of militaria. I spent a great deal of time reading some historical documents, news clippings, and looking over the many photos. Owner/Curator, Ronnie Turner, took me on a tour around the premises to show me more history in the Willis Jeeps they have for display, (and an occasional joyride). The Jeeps range from World War II, to Korea and Vietnam. Check out some of the photos…

Turner's Army Surplus

You can find Turner’s Army Surplus / Museum at 231 Shiloh Road, I-30 Exit 213 in Leary Texas. Call them at 903-832-6985 to schedule a group visit. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 9 to 5, and 9 to 2 on Saturdays. There is a lot of history in Mr. Turner’s collection, and it is most definitely worth a visit to see. I appreciate and respect Mr. Turner for his display of respect to our American Armed Forces with his efforts, and would like to tell him thanks again for the tour.

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